Client Brief:

When Nissan launched the LEAF, the first fully electric vehicle in the UK, they wanted to engage with their audience by creating a memorable experience for each individual. The brief was to create a highly engaging, interactive, entertaining & immersive experiential space, which would also provide the opportunity to test drive vehicles.


We were given visuals by the client which aided the production of design engineered drawings by our Draughting team. We performed a full site survey to help us define the construction methods and potential challenges to plan in detail prior to our installation process. We built prototypes and secured a range of sample finishes for client sign off.

Installation involved on-site construction, trucking logistics, graphics installation, power, flooring, carpeting, walling and furniture installation. Furniture involved the incorporation of interactive AV and data capture technology. We made use of spray finished, white dibond, white vinyl graphics, glass, steel amongst others.

We built a glass room called the Nismo room, and a rolling road which housed a full size Nissan leaf. Visitors could sit in the car for an interactive, motionless driving experience. We also built an interactive cornfield using aluminium stalks and a plastic head. It was comprised of motion, sound and light sensors. Touching one of them triggered a reaction amongst the other corn heads which lit up, made noises and did flashing light pans. We succeeded in creating a wave of light and sound through the cornfield.

Nissan wanted to create a space to bring EVs (Electric Vehicles) to life and build understanding and enthusiasm for this new innovative technology - and so the Innovation Station at the O2 was born. Installed in a structure linked to the main O2 dome the experience incorporated the latest in cutting edge technology and interactivity including interactive projections, directional sound, facial recognition, augmented reality and critically, data capture.