Client Brief:

We were approached by our client, Onevent, to manufacture three giant Olaplex hair perfector and bond multiplier bottles to be installed at the ExCel Exhibition Centre London, for a hairdressing trade show, Salon International 2015. The event took place from the 10th to the 12th of October 2015.


We started off with moulding a cardboard tube into a proper bottle, as in the shape of the sample Olaplex bottles that we received from the client. We wrapped the cardboard in flexible MDF which provided a seamless bond for a pure surface. We bonded the top and the bottom using CNC tools and were provided with graphics for the bottle labels from our partner graphics company.

The materials used include: a cardboard tube wrapped in flexible MDF, CNC MDF for the base and top of the bottles and the bottle caps which were cut with 5 axis CNC using the modelling resin board. These were all spray finished with vinyl graphics for logo panels. It took a total of three days to build and three days to spray finish.