The Health Lottery

Client Brief:

We were approached by Channel 5 to create a new studio concept for The Health Lottery. The client provided us with a design which were able to develop and bring to life using our top of the range materials and finishes.


We developed the client’s design into a full concept that included a full site survey and exploration of materials and finishes. We began by attending the studio to carry out a full site survey to start Draughting the initial concept from the client’s drawing. We then proceeded to production by performing initial lighting tests to determine how well the lights would work on the set. There were some difficult intersections involved with the plastic balls which made us decide that they had to be moulded. Metal curve stainless steel trims were produced as well as curved light boxes using spray finished MDF. We made use of CNC tools, assembled and built sprayed plasma shrouds from MDF, which was spray finished for the back wall. The main stage was made from 15ml CNC acrylic with internal interlocking birch ply structure to support plastic and have minimal shadowing when illuminated.

We worked alongside a graphics company who positioned a diffusing film on the backs of the plastic to allow the LED light spread to be even. We built a spray finished column surround to clad the existing structural support pillar in the building. We also built a flown fabric backdrop with header and ground rope light heights.

Prior to installation, we fitted a double layerclip floating floor over the existing studio floor and the top of this was covered in high gloss black vinyl studio show floor.

The Health Lottery Studio set looked absolutely magnificent once we had completed the full installation at the Channel 5 studio and we received great commendations from the staff on-site.