Olaplex Exhibition Stand

Client brief:
We were approached by our client, Onevent, to manufacture three giant Olaplex hair perfector and bond multiplier bottles to be installed at the ExCel Exhibition Centre London, for a hairdressing trade show, Salon International 2015. The event took place from the 10th to the 12th of October 2015.

The Process:
We started off with moulding a cardboard tube into a proper bottle, as in the shape of the sample Olaplex bottles that we received from the client. We wrapped the cardboard in flexible MDF which provided a seamless bond for a pure surface. We bonded the top and the bottom using CNC tools and were provided with graphics for the bottle labels from our partner graphics company.

The materials used include: a cardboard tube wrapped in flexible MDF, CNC MDF for the base and top of the bottles and the bottle caps which were cut with 5 axis CNC using the modelling resin board. These were all spray finished with vinyl graphics for logo panels. It took a total of three days to build and three days to spray finish.

The most challenging part of this particular project was finding the right proportions relative to the tube diameters available, however the initial draughting of the bottle and 3D development of the bottle caps proved quite interesting.

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