McLaren Red Desks

Client Brief:
McLaren required signature desks for their car dealerships around the world. It was necessary for the piece of furniture to be inspired by their official logo. It would be a heroic sculpture piece of furniture with the intent to show off the McLaren brand. They teamed up with Fitch who came up with the initial design of the desk. We were then presented with various visuals for us to build as prototypes and adapt accordingly, to ensure the final product would adhere to McLaren’s brand etiquette. We were challenged with building what we now know as McLaren’s signature desks, which are being rolled out globally.

The Process:
After putting everything into consideration, including the material limitations and the cost, we decided to build a fluorescent rocket red spray finished desk for McLaren. There are two parts to this desk - the wing and the base.

The wing is a mould formed composite construction of glass fibre and honeycomb, processed as a full 3-D part. This is hand finished to highly polished painted surface. On the other hand, the base is made by assembling CNC components which are processed in the Carpentry Workshop for angles. The desk is then assembled and sprayed. The furniture is then fitted with shelf/drawer runners, hinges and magnets. Following this, the glass is temporarily fitted for transit. Colour core laminate is fitted in footwell so that scratches don’t show due to the thickness of the laminate. The base is then packaged in steel and plywood, ready for the wing to be attached.

So far, we have produced nearly a hundred of these desks which have been installed at the McLaren car dealerships in most of the world’s major cities in countries like China, Japan, U.A.E., South America, Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, amongst other.

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