The Draughting department interpret the clients’ visuals and produce construction drawings to allow our comprehensive workshops to create and construct the client’s initial concept.

The team plays a key role at Setsquare, as they are continuously available to advise all clients for the best construction solutions due to their extensive knowledge and expertise. All members have an in depth understanding of construction methodologies, as well as the materials and the finishes needed for all types of designs. They use a wide range of software from AutoCAD, Rhino, SketchUp and SolidWorks.

Production Management

Our distinguished team of Production Managers provide top-to-tail project management services right from the initial enquiry to the on-site installation.

They constantly liaise with the workshop staff and undertake frequent site visits to ensure the construction and installation fit to perfection and correspond to the client’s initial design.

With their vast skills and industry knowledge they are leaders within the industry. When approached with a concept, they are able to fit the project within the allocated funds, ensuring the realisation of clients’ requirements are met whilst adhering to the industry’s health and safety standards.

CNC Routing

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the CNC department is made up of highly skilled Operators who utilise 3 Axis and 5 Axis CNC. These machines have the ability to cut to accuracy and precision. Having these state-of-the-art machines enables them to deliver anything required from 3D models to furniture pieces, along with the capacity to bringing any concepts to life.

Several 3D modelling packages are utilised, including Rhino, Solidworks and Inventor. In addition, they use Alphacom for programming, giving them the ability to compute all the data in either 2D or 3D, however necessary.

Carpentry & Joinery

The Carpentry & Joinery Workshop deal with a variety of material substrates such as dibond, composite boards, MDF, ply, glass, plastic, amongst others.

The department consists of highly skilled staff with decades of experience who are motivated to continuously produce innovative high-end finishes for our clients. State of the art CNC machinery is used to optimise production through the workshop.

Setsquare believes in the constant optimisation of its production processes to ensure efficiency and continuous upgrade of the workshop with state-of-the-art machinery.


The Furniture Department within Setsquare specialises in manufacturing bespoke fittings for both temporary and permanent installations, whatever the client’s needs may be.

The Furniture Department works closely with our Designers and the in-house Draughting team to engineer and deliver innovative and bespoke furniture solutions.

With capabilities to produce various furniture products from timber stools to 3D moulded designs, the Furniture Department also works alongside other Workshops to create top of the range, spectacular finishes for products which may be allocated for office and retail fit outs to exhibition stands.

Paint Workshop

The Paint Workshop undertake a wide spectrum of work, from priming and emulsion through to satin and high-end polished gloss spray finishes.

It boasts three high specification floor extracted finishing booths which can be configured to accommodate larger projects. There are also 2 dry backed booths from priming with their own drying rooms and a large area to prep all the pieces in. This is finished with a bespoke polishing room for that special final touch.

They make use of emulsion, egg shell, polyurethane and acrylic finishes and are continuously developing processes to utilise water base products.

Flight Cases

Flight cases have become a valuable asset for our clients. They are the safest method of transporting valuable or delicate equipment. They are hard, durable and reusable; and are available in all different sizes and shapes.

Various high-quality materials are used in the production of our Flight Cases, including: laminated ply, resin coated boards and a lightweight polypropylene board. They are then covered with aluminium edge extrusion as well as zinc plated steel corners and catches. The flight cases are often foam lined on the inside for softer padding. Furthermore, compartments can also be built on the inside, in order to allow for different types of equipment to be placed in the case.

Model Making

The Model Shop work with various technical composites, along with prototyping modelling, moulding, sculpting, small and large batch runs, and bespoke one-off parts. Their styles of production range from simple props for theatre shows through to complex multi-part production items and from clay modelling, polysculpting through to 3D printing and 5 axis CNC. The Model Shop is also involved in rotocasting, vacuum casting, rim casting, hand laminating, vacuum bagging as well as resin infusion using polyester vynlesters and epoxies.

Setsquare’s Model Makers are distinguished within the industry due to their astounding talents.

Metal Workshop

The Metal Workshop at Setsquare specialises in Mig/Arc/Tig welding, rolling and polishing. The Engineers work to a structurally rated standard and are involved in the development of temporary and permanent installations as well as staging solutions and scenic elements using ferrous and non-ferrous metal components. They have previously worked on sets such as the MTV Awards and the Brit Awards.


The Covering Department manage projects from scenic finishing to furniture upholstery. We utilise materials such as suede, felt, PVC and other specialist materials. We create standard and bespoke walls in all types, shapes, sizes and colours, to suit the client’s requirements. We can also cover seats and cushions. Whatever quantities are required, we can provide.


Our qualified technicians and electricians are always up for a challenge. They can apply their skills on any technically demanding project; ranging from fully automated mechanised stage sets and interactive visual L.E.D. lighting displays, to full audio-visual walk through experiences. We can supply cutting edge technologies for a range of projects. All equipment is serviced and PAT tested in house and we can provide electrical sign-off on site for any installed system.


The size of our premises enables us to have the capacity to test and pre-build, allowing our clients to view and test prior to installation. Formerly, we have seen TV programme rehearsals being run at the warehouse by constructing pre-built sets prior to shipping and installing the actual set at the client’s appointed location. Our flexible mind-set allows us to adapt to our clients’ needs at all times.