Setsquare announces 3 new Directors

15th January 2019

Setsquare announces three new appointments of Charlotte Mason to Chair, Dominik Short to Managing Director and Reno Macri to Non-Executive Board Director, following the recent simultaneous acquisition of Enigma Visual Solutions and GTMS.

The new appointments are part of Setsquare’s strategic growth plan for the company which recently announced turnover of £20million.
“We are pleased to welcome Charlotte, Dominik and Reno to Setsquare. Each bring their own expertise and business experience which will support Setsquare in its ambitions to become the leading global supplier of sector-leading portfolio of services” says John O’Gorman of Setsquare.

Charlotte Mason, newly appointed Chair, has extensive experience within the engineering / manufacturing industry and is also an ERP and CRM specialist. With a background in capital venture, angel funding and as INSEAD’s Start-up Bootcamp Director, Charlotte will lead the Board of Directors to fast tracking Setsquare route to success.

“I am delighted to be appointed as Chairman of Setsquare Staging as we progress through this transformative time. With the recent acquisitions of both Enigma and GTMS, Setsquare is well placed to bolster its position as market leader; assisting brands to deliver uncompromising quality. 2019 and beyond will see Setsquare continuing to excel at building brands reputations and expanding into new markets. I’m excited to lead this strategic growth alongside our exceptional team. Setsquare is a remarkable company that never fails to impress me. It’s manufacturing capabilities are extraordinary, and I look forward to the thrilling times ahead.” says Charlotte Mason.

Newly appointed Managing Director, Dominik Short, who has steered GTMS to success, will be taking the reins of Setsquare. Dominik transformed GTMS by leading the business to success with turnover and staffing levels doubling. Focused on the bottom line, he ensured that workflows and efficiencies are in place to support the delivery of the client’s project. At Setsquare he will continue to grow the brand, its people and continue to build GTMS and Enigma with the existing teams.

Dominik says: “It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of an expanding business. Over the last 20 years working my way up from the shop floor to becoming Managing Director of GTMS, I have seen it all. I want to build a strong brand, a brand that people will talk about. To achieve that, I’ll be getting underneath the entire business operations to create efficiencies and a strong culture. Incorporating positive change is always a challenge in any business, I will ensure the team has clear goals to work towards and most importantly ensure everybody enjoys the journey.”

Reno Macri, founder of Enigma Visual Solutions will be sitting on the Board of Directors as a non-executive Director. Reno is known for his passion for design and is joining Setsquare to continue developing the brand and bringing the highest levels of service to all clients. Reno: “I founded Enigma in my parents’ spare bedroom as a sign company and since then Enigma has grown year on year from graphics to modular and custom exhibition stands; to interior design and installations. To secure the future of Enigma and its continuous growth within the Group, the opportunity to be part of Setsquare has not come at a better time for us and our clients!”

Setsquare is set to take the lead in the industry and becoming the go-to brand for all clients looking to showcase uncompromising custom made branded physical environments.